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J3H :)


The Last 5 Days
we stay together ...

must be happy happy and more happy !
no wonder who leave level or up level
just PLAY n CRAZY together
for this last chance.
the last 5 days.

Hey , I love you
this secret I scare no chance tell you.

Pui Yin :
Thanks for your accompany :)
stay with this kind ppl ( me )
you still never leave me ,
Thanks a lot x)

Cui Yee :
You ! sometime really dulan you xD
but not recently ><
thank you your mum always fetch me !
and thank you you always help me done everything become good :)
love you a lot !

Kar Yee :
you is a nice girl n intelligent ~
but obstinate !
this not a good personality for you :)
thank you you always give me a lot support.
may be you don't know , but I keep inside my heart :]

Yan Yee :
arhha ! two leo ! xD
thank you you always let me happy
and some intimate moment :)
hahahahahhaha so geli ><
but thanks =)

Jia Jia :
you soooooooooooo clever !
but sometimes little bit haughty ><
you like yan yee , two sokia ! xD
make me laugh n laugh ! :)
thanks ^ ^

Wai Yee :
I think your basketball's friends more important than us.
so sometimes I not invite you go out with us.
but thank you a lot with not reason :)

like you guys.

all of J3H members n Alex Wong !!!
not wonder guys hate or love me :)
just give this memory become memorable with you all x)
thanks you all go inside my life
become the persons tat IMPORTANT for me :)

xyn joe x)