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I'm a fool.

My heart is fucking pain.

Everything when I think it will become mine
but the God like give me a joke
let me drop into hell.
so pain ...

You leave FB
I think bcoz Her
Your true love ( may be )

when the person
want you to do something like a mission for you
you will done it perfectly
because you love the person

EAT ! fight with your stomach !

Hi heart !
stop thinking him you will hurt yourself
but my mind don't let ...

If you say Hi to me
I will say 10000000 times Hi to you
but u won't do tat.
HI ~
want you love me
like a mission impossible.

I hate boy who is love the person but not enough brave !
yo ! you are a boy !
do something for your lover.

no person is not injured in LOVE.
love can be plaster
also can be drug

I am a foooooooooooooooooooooool
big big big fool.
this is truth.

Toh Xyn Joe , wake up :)

Ninja Xyn Joe