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MY HEART ♥ break.

My heart is bleeding
Painful feeling

The feeling is not there a long time
Suddenly I'm not used to surface
Now I understand the facts
Know he never loved me , from before until future
I do not already now ?
ya , I know b4 !
but I do not recognize and I don believe it !
just bcoz I think he still love me
OMG ! why am I so thick-skinned ?
If I had not cling to hope , now would not be so hurt
幻想要付出的代价就是面对事实 ♥
Do not say the words out so sad
like you are witness to your feelings for her.
My heart is not by you crack , and is destroyed by your
I lie to you say that I love him
I just wan you to be jealous
But you not only failed to jealous , instead makes me jealous
I've been very happy have had those memories
I cant be greedy , maintaining friendships
ya ! I forget , I still can say ;
wish you chase up her and be happy 4ever ♥
That's all , I zip my mouth !